Handmade Friday - Get to know @LittleNuggetApparel

If you're like many Americans around this time, you're either really excited or kind of sad about 2 two things.  
1. Your sweet little kiddos are heading off to school.  This means no more fun filled days of summer and staring at our precious older childrens' faces every day, but it also means the volume level in your house is significantly lower until around 3pm. 
2. It's Football Season!!  If you're into football, this means it's time to trash talk to your coworkers or neighbors because they like the Pats and you like the Giants, and spend some extra QT with your hubs.  If you're not into football, well....you get some alone time to hit Joann's and Hobby Lobby (ok, maybe those are my favorite places, but you get the idea). 
#2 is where this week's featured handmade shop, Little Nugget Apparel comes in.  In addition to their other rad tee designs, they've got some completely customizable Football tees!!
Wanna get to know a little more about Little Nugget Apparel?  Of course you do!  

Name: Tavia Montana
Lives: In Dallas, Texas and we absolutely love it here! The weather, the people, the shopping, are just a few of the perks ;-). The only thing Dallas needs are mountains!
Position: I am a wife to my middle school sweetheart, Zack. Mom to our little guy Max and dog Bailey. I am the owner/operator of Little Nugget Apparel.
Drink of choice: Water. I know I'm boring. 
While I create, I listen to summer of the 90's on Pandora. If you haven't listened to that station before, do yourself a favor and listen! You won't regret it. 
Feel inspired by: My son Max. I am also so motivated/inspired by all of the women I have met in this small shop community. I have never been a part of something where everyone is so supportive of each other. It is truly inspiring! 
My shop sells: Tees for littles and their mamas!
My favorite creation to date: The American Muscle tank. My husband had a big hand in helping me with that one. I think that is why it is so special to me!
Why I love what I do: I love being able to stay home with my little guy and have a "job" that I love! 
Why I hope you love what I do: I put my heart into all of our tees and I hope that you all can see that!
A shop mama after my own heart - she had me at "90's."  I know, I know, my age is showing. ;)
Because Tavia is so amazing, she's offered YOU 15% off of any purchase with code: MOCCLIFE  !!!  How awesome is that?!?
Be sure to follow Little Nugget Apparel on  Instagram and add them to your favorites on ETSY
I've gotta get going.  My kid's on #teamnosleep - it's gonna be a long day. 
Until next time... 

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